Current Scoreboard

Team Points GP W T L GF GA GD
1. Sucursal                
2. ATELTICO                
3. ORLANDO CITY                
4. COLOMBIA                
5. UCF                
6. BLACKBEARDS                

Latest Scores

Blackbeards (5) vs. Sucursal (16)
UCF (9) vs. Atletico (15)
Orlando City (0) vs. Colombia (5)

Current Schedule

Thursday, May 22

8:40 PM UCF vs. Atletico
9:30 PM vs.
10:20 PM Sucursal vs. Orlando City

Thursday, July 03

8:40 PM Sucursal vs. Colombia
9:30 PM Atletico vs. Blackbeards
10:20 PM UCF vs. Orlando City

Thursday, July 10

8:40 PM Orlando City vs. Blackbeards
9:30 PM Sucursal vs. UCF
10:20 PM Colombia vs. Atletico

Thursday, July 17

8:40 PM Blackbeards vs. Orlando City
9:30 PM Sucursal vs. Atletico
10:20 PM Colombia vs. UCF

Thursday, July 24

8:40 PM Sucursal vs. Blackbeards
9:30 PM Colombia vs. Orlando City
10:20 PM Atletico vs. UCF

Thursday, July 31

8:40 PM Colombia vs. Blackbeards
9:30 PM Atletico vs. Orlando City
10:20 PM Sucursal vs. UCF

Thursday, August 07

7:50 PM Blackbeards vs. Atletico
8:40 PM Sucursal vs. Orlando City
9:30 PM Blackbeards vs. Orlando City
10:20 PM UCF vs. Colombia

Thursday, August 14

10:00 PM FINAL vs. FINAL

About Our Men's Soccer League

Our Mens Indoor Soccer League has been around since the beginning days of our first location here at la liga indoor soccer. If you are ready for competition then you will definitely need to get your soccer shoes on and join our Mens Soccer League to show us what you've got! While this league is all about competition, we have a sportsmanship conduct in place and we want to makme sure everyone is satisfied and happy with their experience here at our orlando la liga indoor soccer. So come out and enjoy Thursday nights here at la liga!

You have two options when joining our soccer league, first would be if you have a full team and would like to create a team and join the indoor soccer league with your friends to compete for the champion's title. If you do not have a team you may always join us as a soccer free agent and we'll find you a team that you will fit in with perfectly.

League Details

For Mens Ages 16 and up
Games are 5 vs. 5
Games are 40 Minutes Long
One Game Every Thursday
Maximum of 10 Players per Team
$65 Registration Fee Per Player

Want to create a team or join as a free agent? Click here to sign up!